Vk2 SOTA summit list submitted

The list of proposed summits for the vk2 call area has been submitted to the SOTA Management Team in the UK and we now await feedback and questions, followed soon after (hopefully) by approval for vk2 summits to be used for SOTA activations.

The summit count is about 1100. We had included a small number of summits in more than one region and a few are on the vk4 border so will have to be assigned to one state or the other.

I’m expecting the review and approval process to take a month or so but we won’t know until we get there.

In the meantime vk2 activators need to test their gear, get fit enough for the hills they intend to climb and register with sotawatch.org to be ready for a big kickoff day. I am hoping to get 20 vk2 activators on the air on day 1. Will you be one of them?