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Home page for the sample amateur radio blog created using WordPress.

This site was created to support a presentation to the Gippstech conference in Churchill Victoria, Australia on 7-8 July 2012.

The content of the presentation is in the page How to publish your projects on the web using WordPress and is also published in PDF form as a two page document .  It explains how anyone can simply set up their own website using the free WordPress.com software and website.  The document can be downloaded:  https://vk1daonthenet.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/gt_publish_your_projects.pdf.

You can build your own WordPress website using this simple guide. It barely scratches the surface of the vast range of formatting and smart functionality available from WordPress, but is enough to get you going. If you have an eye for colours, symmetry, layout, text formats, photos, you can improve your website in a series of small changes into the future with no end to the fun…

If you are looking for my SOTA and VHF contesting posts, they are all at my VK1DA.blog site.

Andrew Davis
Yass, Australia

Amateur radio experiences with VK1DA

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