3400 MHz (=3.4GHz) [aka 9cm band] on the boil

For the forthcoming spring field day I expect to have a transverter for 3400 MHz on loan from Ted VK1BL.  Ted has built two transverters, one with about 15 watts output and the other with just 2 watts.  We will be conducting a communications test with these transverters on a 90 km path on Sunday 22nd November, between Mt Gray at Goulburn and Mt Ainslie at Canberra. The antennas to be used are either grid style or mesh covered grid parabolic dishes.

During the spring field day (28-29 Nov 09) we will also be attempting contacts with Doug VK4OE at Mt Kaputar near Narrabri.  The distance is about 500 km – to be confirmed.

We expect to work Doug on the lower bands (144, 432 and 1296 MHz) and will be trying for contacts on the 2400 and 3400 MHz bands as well.

Results will be reported here as well as in the WIA journal Amateur Radio.