SOTA activation at Black Mountain, Canberra, 8th March 2013

Delayed by work, I did not have enough time to walk up the mountain from the base so I settled on a walk from the parking area and lookout that is 2/3 the way up the mountain.  The road to the summit from that area still requires 40 to 50m of climb, satisfying the 25m activation zone rule.


The summit path from the parking area has some decorative fallen logs over it.

Some views of the Canberra CBD buildings through gaps in the trees.


At the top I passed the tower building and the car park and found a suitable location where I could put up the antenna and sit on a rock to operate the radio.IMG_1174 IMG_1175

The 40m band was very active with many signals from Australia, New Zealand and some US and Canadians heard working VKs.  I made 10 contacts on 40m band using ssb (voice) and two on 20m using CW (morse), one of which was to Germany.