Checking a new summit

I visited the access path for an unactivated summit this morning.  Fortunately there was a sign on the gate giving a contact number.

After speaking with the owner on the phone I know they do not want to allow anyone to walk up to the summit in this weather.  With temperatures in the high 30s at present, they want to wait at least a month to allow conditions to return to normal.  There are signs of recent bushfires in the region so they are wise to avoid the danger either to or from bushwalkers.

I agreed to call again in a month’s time to see how they are feeling then.  This is a good situation as the owner is not opposed to people walking up to the summit, and by cooperating with their wishes we are investing in a good future relationship.

I will be advising the contact details to other local activators who are interested in activating this summit.


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