Restoring memory settings in FT817

After getting my FT817 final stage replaced, and all power settings reset to meet spec, I started to use the radio again and quickly realised that all the memory settings (frequency and mode) had been wiped.

This made it necessary to change bands using the band switch (!) and manually change between SSB and CW mode, or occasionally FM, dialing up and down the band as necessary.  With the frequency settings in memories, I only needed to move between memory channels to go from SSB on 7090 to CW on 7032, for example.  And on higher bands, I had several beacon frequencies stored in some memories, allowing me to quickly move between the various 10m and 6m beacon frequencies to get a quick impression of band conditions.

So today I dug out the details of the FT817 memory manager software, retrieved the file of frequency settings stored on the computer, added a few new ones and saved the lot in the 817.   Then repeated the process for  my second FT817.  So they now have an identical set of frequencies in their memories.  Makes them somewhat interchangeable.

All the second radio is missing is a cw filter.  I have plans to sort that out soon.

The details of the memory manager and how to interface it with the radio from a windows box are all in a previous post to this blog.  I actually read the post to remind myself of how it worked!

The previous post on this topic is here.

The blog documents it all.


4 thoughts on “Restoring memory settings in FT817”

  1. Hi Andrew
    It is great to know others also have two of the same when it comes to radios!
    John D

  2. I think I need to do the same, Andrew. It just struck me that I am wasting too much time out in the field doing the same thing. I presently have JT65 setting in the memory but I should add SOTA and WWFF settings too.

  3. We do tend to stay on the horse we are on… familiarity with equipment makes things easier sometimes!

  4. I bought a cable (plugs into ACC socket on radio, uses CAT interface, USB plug on the other end) from a source advertising on ebay. It came with a driver on a mini CD – fortunately it still works on windows 10. The memory management software i used was from a French source. I think HRD does the same job. The easiest way of editing the rows of data is to export the file as CSV and edit it in Excel. That allows for very quick cloning and editing. Having those memory channels preset is a great boon for portable operating. Especially if you want to check band conditions. I select Mem on VFO/Mem then use the jog dial to scan across the band, with a cw and ssb frequency and mode set for each band, like 7030 CW, 7090 LSB, 10118 CW, 10135 USB etc.

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