A request from Denmark for a VK1 contact

In March 2021 I received an email from Vagn, OZ1OXQ in Denmark, asking if I could set up a sked with him to try for a contact. He is a keen dxer but by choice, limited to 100w output power and wire antennas, quite a typical set of parameters for many radio amateurs. He particularly wanted to make a CW contact on 40m.

I responded that I didn’t know whether it would be possible but I was willing to try.

We first ran a sked where we tried to hear each other at a selected time, around 0700 UTC which was morning for him and late afternoon for me. That time did not work well for him so we made a new sked for 1945 UTC which was just before 7AM local time for me. I think we made a contact on the first attempt, though he was surprised that I was using my VK2UH callsign. I knew he wanted a VK1 contact and I thought I should give him the VK1 contact from VK1, rather than VK2 where I live. So after clearing up that confusion he asked when might we be able to try for a contact from VK1? This all happened just after the Commonwealth contest I reported on in the previous blog post, so I was happy to set up at the same spot one week after that contest and try for a contact with him from there.

So on the weekend after the Commonwealth contest, I was back on Red Hill with the same radio, same antenna and ready to try for a contact. And sure enough at the time arranged, around 2024 UTC I heard him calling me on the nominated frequency. I replied, we exchanged signal reports and within minutes received an email from him thanking me for the contact.

The IC706 on my dash just after the contact with OZ1OXQ

Signal strengths were not high, ie. around s3-4, noise and adjacent signals created some problems but as we only needed to exchange signal reports, it was reasonably easy to achieve the contact.

While at the same site as I had used for the Commonwealth contest the previous weekend I took some extra photos of my car, the antenna and the equipment in the car. Those photos were included in the post about the Commonwealth contest.

It was a very satisfying thing to be able to give him the contact he most wanted to have. It completes a cell in his table of VK call areas worked. All I have to do now I get my LOTW log updated so he can get it confirmed there. I’m working on it.