Activation of Mt Taylor VK1/AC-037

I got on the air just after 6pm in time to make a s2s contact with Matt 1ma who had started to descend his last summit for the day. He kindly offered to turn around and go back up so we could have the contact.

Then I looked around 20m for signals to get an idea of what the band was doing. Some good sigs from EU so I looked at 14062 and made a cq call. Nil reply so I tried responding to a strong EA on 030. He barely copied me and did not give me an RST report and did not respond to requests for same. Lot of qrm.

A Few other qsos followed on 030/1 and 062. About 6 or 7 contacts but quite low signal reports. I will configure the vertical differently next time.

I had wire for four radials but only put two out because I was operating from a site with a lot of other people walking up and around me. I didn’t want to create a trip hazard for them. One of them said she had seen radio people up there before.

After walking back down chatting to Matt on his way back into Canberra from the northwest area he had been activating, I went to the radio club meeting where Dimitris vk1sv gave a presentation on the ANU ion accelerator.