Mt Ainslie activation 29 Sept 2013

A short activation en route to collect furniture.  Travelling past Mt Ainslie so it seemed a pity to waste an opportunity especially with so many SOTA operations under way.  Chasing from a summit is better than chasing from home.

Planned to use 40m only but tried a 2m contact with Ian VK1DI.  That resulted in a call from Phil VK2HPN who was in Queanbeyan at the time (about 10 km away).

40m activity was good.  Log:  VK3PF, VK3YY, VK3ZPF, VK3DET, VK3FPSR, VK3JM, VK3UP, VK1DI/2, VK2NNN, VK3UBY, VK2FGJW, VK2MEV/p, VK3BYD.